Survey: Who is thinking about emigrating from Iraq and what would change their mind?

In light of the continuous unprecedented waves of migration to Europe, Mercy Hands conducted a survey to examine the causes of emigration from Iraq. The survey questionnaire, written in Arabic, was posted online with a message inviting Iraqis who are thinking about emigrating from Iraq to participate. The survey was run between October 23rd and October 31st 2015. 446 individual participated in the survey and 386 of them completed the survey (completion rate is 87%). The demographics of the survey participants may not be representative of the general population but still it gives us an insight on the profile of those thinking about emigrating from Iraq. Majority of the participants were males, from Baghdad, over 35 years old, married, college graduate, and private sector or governmental employee. Sixty seven percent of those considering emigrating from Iraq described their desire to emigrate as very strong and twenty nine percent of them are willing to take high risk or even risk their life to leave the country. The participants identified many reasons that make them thinking of leaving the country; however, insecurity was the predominant reason, followed by corruption, political instability, and lack of jobs. More than half of those thinking about leaving the country cannot leave due to financial constraints and family ties. When asked what will make them change their minds and stay in Iraq, more than half of them answered either security or the rule of law and justice. Interestingly, a considerable number of the participants said that they wanted to see a few changes happening in Iraq before they can stop thinking about leaving, others stated that nothing would make them change their mind about emigrating Iraq, which may reflect hopelessness.   Following is a detailed descriptive analysis of the survey results. Preliminary Survey Results 1. Demographics of Survey Respondents Figure 1: Gender Untitled Figure 2: Age Untitled2 Figure 3: Residence (Governorate) Untitled3 Figure 4: Marital Status Untitled4   Figure 5: Highest Education Level Obtained Untitled5   Figure 6: Employment Status Untitled6 2. Assessing Respondents' Level of Desire to Emigrate From Iraq Table 1: How strong is your desire to emigrate from Iraq?

Very Strong Intermediate Weak
67% 23% 10%

  Table 2: How much risks are you willing to take to emigrate?

Willing to risk my life High Risk Intermediate Risk Small Risk Not willing to risk anything
17% 12% 22% 19% 30%

  3. Causes of Emigration From Iraq Figure 7: In your opinion, why people are considering emigrating from Iraq? Untitled7 Figure 8: In your opinion, what prevents people from emigrating from Iraqi? Untitled8 Figure 9: What is the one thing that would happen in Iraq and make you change your mind about emigrating? Untitled9 Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi Executive Director Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid P: 00964 7901166147 E: Skype: @khaldoonjali Twitter: @khaldoonjali

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