Third Party Monitoring

One of Mercy Hands mandate is to work with other active players on ground to ensure efficient and timely delivery of aid to people in need. It is under this mandate that Mercy Hands conduct a third party monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian activities and projects. 

Mercy Hands has a vast experience in conducting monitoring, procurement, warehousing, transportation, and emergency distribution activities. Since Mercy Hands was founded in 2004, we have conducted many third party monitoring and evaluation activities.

  • Our first client was IOM (International Organization for Migration). In 2005, when we were IOM partner for IDP monitoring and emergency stock warehouse manager in Baghdad, we were contracted by IOM to conduct monitoring and evaluation of IOM’a partner in Anbar, namely ICS (Italian Consortium of Solidarity).
  • Most of our third party monitoring and evaluation activities were conducted as part of a bigger project or program.
  • In regard to UN agencies, in 2011 we were contracted by UNESCO to collect data to support the evaluation of three UNESCO Projects, these are:
  • "Improving Relevance and Quality of Technical and Vocation in Iraq" in Baghdad, Basrah, Kerbala, Babel, and Missan.
  • "Local Area Development Porgramme" in Sulaimaniya, Missan, Basrah, and Thi-Qar.
  • "Distance-Learning" in Baghdad, Basrah, and Thi-Qar.

In May 2016, we contracted with WFP to conduct continuous and close monitoring and verification of WFP Family Food Rations (FFR) and CBT Distributions in the areas of operation (Diyala, Salahaddin, Anbar, Kirkuk, Ninewa, and Baghdad) from beginning of May 2016 to the end of October 2016