Education: Bachelor of Science in Geography - 2002- Al-Maa'moon University College.

Bio: Before coming to Mercy Hands, Nidham was a freelance photographer and a mentor for the Iraqi Union Artists. 
Nidham has worked for Mercy Hands since 2007, starting as a field monitor and coordinator, then as a team leader and coordinator with Mercy Hands' Peace Activation and Conflict Transformation (PACT) Center. He then worked as a team leader on a cash for work project before managing a program aimed at strengthening the socio-economic integration of vulnerable Iraqi returnees, IDPs and host communities in Baghdad.
Since 2012, Nidham has worked on civil society building projects with Mercy Hands, and is now the Civil Society and Democratisation Department Manager. He is currently responsible for the Alumni Program, carried out with Mercy Corps and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. 


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