Emergency Response Department Director



Program manager the department in MH:  Emergency Response Department 8 Years in Mercy hands B.sc Control and System Engineering Department – Mechatronics Engineering – University of Technology – Baghdad. Summary about  work history inside and outside MH.

  • Inside Mercy Hands:-

1- Community Mobilized of Peace Activation and Conflict Transformation  From Jan-08 To Dec-08. 2- Field Monitor of Capacity Building for IDPs and Income Generation From Jun-08 To Oct-08. 3- Database Manager of Shelter Rehabilitation From Jan-09 To Apr-09. 4- Assets Manager & HR Manager in MH From May-09 To Jan-11. 5-Program Manager of Cash for Work Phase 1 From Feb-11 To Oct-11. 6- Program Manager of Legal Clinic Aid and Information Center Phase 1 From Sep-11 To Mar-12. 7-Program Manager of Cash for Work Phase 2 From Mar-12 To Sep-12. 8- Program Manager of Legal Clinic Aid and Information Center Phase 2 From Sep-12 To Mar-13. 9-Program Manager Assistant of Broadening Participation through Civil Society From Feb-13 To May-13. 10- Program Manager of Cash for Work Phase 3 From May-13 To Dec-13. Out-side Mercy Hands 1-Worked in Wady Al-raqeem Company for general and limited contract as communication Engineer in setting up communications towers (Sites) (single band & double band) for 6 months. 2-Worked in Luay Company as supervisor engineer in setting up CNC machine (laser, router machines & Plasma) and maintenance and programmed CNC machine and scrolling machine and LED screen for 5 years also repair flex printers, cutter plotters (luaysigns.com). 3-Worked in Baghdad International Airport as a communication Engineer in Maintenance of Aircrafts communications systems  for 3 years.  Brief about the training's he have taken .  Humanitarian Field:-

  • Training course in Database program in UNHCR.
  • Training course in English language with advance level.
  • Training course in Human Resources management in UNHCR.
  • Training course in The United accountancy System in Mercy Hands
  • Training course in finding management with A2J
  • Training course in Monitoring and Evaluation with A2J
  • Training course in NGOs Capacity building with A2J
  • Training course in training of trainers With A2J
  • Training course in Warehouse and food items management in UN-WFP

   Engineering Field 

  •  Training course in circuit design by electric work bench program.
  • Training course in Aircrafts Communication system in Thales company in France.
  • Training course in Linux+ in MoHESR

 the motivates he (wisdom, quotes).  

  • The Best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.

  • A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world.


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