Mercy Hands has a team of engineers who are highly experienced in Emergency Humanitarian Response and Shelter projects. All our Shelter activities are implemented through our Emergency Response Department, which is the largest programs department within Mercy Hands. The Director of Emergency Response Department is Engineer Mohamad A. Fadhil. Rehabilitation of damaged houses and shops due to armed conflicts in different locations as follows: - Rehabilitation of 301 damaged houses in Shu’la, Rahmaniya and Al Sader city/Baghdad (2008). -  Rehabilitation of 457 damaged houses and 10 shops in Al Sader city/Baghdad (2008). -  Rehabilitation of 30 damaged houses in Al Doora/Baghdad (2008). -  Rehabilitation of 101 damaged houses in Al Kadoon and Khan Bani
Sa'ad/Diyala (2008-2009). The latest shelter rehabilitation activity was conducted through BPCS (Broadening Participation Through Civil Society) Program, funded by USAID, and the beneficiaries were IDPs living in unfinished or deserted buildings in Baghdad. Children of displaced families living in unfinished nonresidential buildings face many risks due to living in unfinished and unsafe buildings. We responded to the dire shelter needs of a limited number of IDPs. Our team added railing to the stairs, installed windows or replaced windows glass, etc. We made simple changes but the impact was huge. In this picture, one of our team members is repairing the stairs of one of those buildings by adding handrails. BPCS-Shelter