Providing vocational training in Zummar sub-district in Ninewa

While Mercy Hands continues its emergency response effort in parts of Iraq where military operations are ongoing, especially in Hawija and west Anbar, it is now engaged in post emergency early recovery effort in Ninewa to support the reintegration of Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), returnee and host communities into local social, economic and governance structures. In that context, Mercy Hands has partnered with DRC to provide vocational training in Zummar sub-district in Ninewa to support livelihoods and promote social cohesion within the local community.

Within this partnership with DRC, Mercy Hands is responsible for: 1) Choosing the beneficiaries; 2) Choosing the venues for trainings; 3) Providing the raw materials which is going to be used on the training; and 4) Following up with the daily attendance for the participants

Mercy Hands will conduct 3 vocational training courses, each course is 1 month long and will focus on 1 of the 3 specialties: Mechanic/ car repair, electric repair, and greenhouse setup and maintenace.

The specific objective of the project is to empower vulnerable individuals by building their skills and providing them with the necessary support to pursue meaningful employment after graduation and achieve self-sufficiency. Mercy Hands will conduct the vocational training courses in three areas: 1) Electrical repair; 2) Basic mechanics / car repair; and 3) Greenhouse construction and maintenance. Each vocational training course is expected to include approximately 15-20 participants and should consist of between 90 - 120 hours of teaching time (20 - 30 working days x 4 hour classes). The training courses will take place in a suitable training venue in Zummar. The trainings will be delivered in both Arabic and Kurdish (as required) with materials available in both languages and trainers who are fluent in Kurdish and Arabic.

The project will start in October 15, 2017 and lasts for 3 months.



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