Mercy Hands Visits Shirqat River Frontline

Al-Shirqat was recently liberated from Islamic State forces, who took control of the city in June 2014. ISIS had controlled Shirqat, which has a rough district population of 100,000 people, when it rapidly expanded across north and west Iraq. The strategically placed town, north of Tikrit and south of Mosul, has been the focus of recent Iraqi Army military campaigns. The town's proximity to Iraqi supply lines reaching Qayarah airbase further north, which will be used as a logistics hub for the push on Mosul, also lends it strategic importance.

Mercy Hands recently sent two field monitors to Shirqat to assess the humanitarian situation. The team went to the river bank, a frontline, to greet families fleeing the terror of ISIS. 

Click on the following link to read the full: Mercy Hands Visit to Shirqat

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