Mercy Hands provides legal aid to refugees in Baghdad

In the beginning of this month, February 2017, Mercy Hands launched a new project to provide legal assistance to refugees in Baghdad. Majority of refugees and asylum seekers in Baghdad are of Syrian and Palestinian origin.

A group of experienced lawyers (3 non-detention and 2 detention lawyers) will provide administrative legal assistance, consultations and representations, free of charge to any refugee or asylum seeker in Baghdad who is in need for legal assistance.  In addition to legal representations, the lawyers will advocate for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and intervene to release detained refugees and asylum seekers. 

The first two cases, two Syrian women detained in Baghdad for solicitation and entering the country unlawfully. Mercy Hands lawyers are intervening to release them.

Also part of the project's team is an information officer and a social worker who will focus on providing support to refugees and asylum seekers who are SGBV survivors. The support will be in the form of focus group discussions and/or individual interviews, and providing them with knowledge and services information to increase their access to rights and services).

The project is funded by UNHCR and it is implemented in partnership with the Iraqi Legal Clinics Network. The duration of the project is 10.5 month.

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