Launching Out of School Children Initiative in Karbala

On Saturday, February 18th 2017, Mercy Hands launched "Out of School Children Initiative" program in Karbala City. The objective of the program is to provide elementary (primary) education to out of school children and reintegrate them with the community. The program targets children 15 years and older who could not complete their primary education and wish to earn primary education diploma.

Most of those children dropped out of school in order to work and support their families. To encourage the children - and their families - to join the program, Mercy Hands will not ask the children to stop working but it will provide classes in times convenient to them. In addition to the educational courses, Mercy Hands will provide recreational and social activities. 

The opening ceremony was attended by:
- Ms. Layla Flaieh, Head of Displacement Committee and member of Educational Committee at Karbala Governorate Council.
- Mr. Abbas Attar, Representative of the NGOs Directorate
- Mr. Ahmed Al-Musawi - Representative of the Iraqi Human Rights Watch Society.
- Mr. Safaa Al-Zughaiby
Mercy Hands' Administration thanks its team in Karbala, headed by Eng. Nawras Adnan, for their effort to prepare for and implement the program.
Also, Mercy Hands thanks the teachers who volunteered to work in the program.

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