A visit to women prison in Hilla

Women prison in Hilla is the only women prison in Babil governorate. In addition to Babil, it serves Karbala and Najaf governorates, as there is no women prison in these two governorates. Administratively, the prison follows the Ministry of Justice, Directorate of Iraqi Correction. The official name of the prison is the Women Correction Division in Hilla.

The entrance of women prison in Hilla.

On Thursday morning, August 3rd 2017, one of Mercy Hands - Lawyers for Women Center's lawyers, Ms Shajan Al Bakri, Esq., visited the correctional facility for women in Hilla, Babil and met with Administrative Assistant of the facility, Mr. Ahmed Atia, Esq. 

Ms. Shajan Al Bakri, Esq. is one of the lawyers working in Lawyers for Women Center, one of Mercy Hands' protection programs.

The purpose of the visit was to establish contact with the administration of the prison, know more about the facility and the prisoners, and to introduce "Lawyers for Women" Center. 

The full capacity of the prison is seven hundreds. The occupants of the prison are either convicts or detainees and they are a mix of adults and juvenile. Any woman, adult or juvenile, convicted in any of the three governorates, Babil, Karbala, and Najaf, will be transported to the women prison in Hilla to spend their prison time there. Also, any woman, adult or juvenile, detained in the above mentioned governorates will be transferred to the women prison in Hilla to spend their detention period, even if it was for just one night. For different reasons, majority of the detained women cannot attain the services of a lawyer, such as financial constraints and fear of shame. Some of the detained women are accused of prostitution and they either do not have families or they do but their families have abandoned them because of the charge of prostitution.

Ms. Shajan Al Badri, Esq. is talking to one of the former prisoners just outside the women prison in Hilla.

At the end of the meeting it was agreed that the administration of the prison will contact Mercy Hands' lawyers if there is any detained woman in need of a lawyer. 


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