Mercy Hands is active in the Health Sector, providing a wide range of medical and public health services to people in need and vulnerable groups such as IDPs, refugees, women, and children. The Director of Health Programs at Mercy Hands is Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi.

Improving Stateless People and Refugees’ Access to Health in Iraq
The "right to health," including access to basic healthcare, has been recognized as a universal human right through a number
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  • On the 22nd of January 2006 two health kits (each contains medical supplies for 10,000 persons) were released by Mercy Hands to IRD (International Relief and Development) to be distributed by them to IDP families in Iraq funded by IOM. Mercy Hands to Arche NoVa released another health kit on the 21st of May 2006 to be distributed by them to IDP families in different locations of Iraq funded by IOM.
  • Our Health Team contributed to the information gathered on the situation regarding Avian Flu, in the center and the south of Iraq, funded by IOM.
  • Another activity was giving health awareness lectures for women about self and early detection of breast cancer, in four governorates (Baghdad, Anbar, Babylon and Najaf). This activity was conducted with support from the Iraqi State Ministry for Women Affairs
  • Our Health Team also conducted a Health Awareness Campaign about H1N1 outbreak, in 2009, targeting college students in Baghdad, Babil, Najaf, and Al-Qadisiya Governorates. In addition to the lectures, we distributed a total of 8000 brochures.
  • In June 2014, Mercy Hands conducted community health sessions inside IDPs camps in Baghdad to raise awareness about health and hygiene education, with a focus on prenatal care, women and children health. The targeted audience was IDP women. These sessions were funded by USAID – Primary Health Care Project in Iraq, and they were conducted in coordination with the Iraqi Ministry of Health. During the session, Mercy Hands Health team educated IDP women on children vaccines and types of healthcare services provided by nearby Primary Health Care Centers. At the end of the session, our health team distributed health kits on participants. Each health session hosted on average 40 IDP women. DSC_0398DSC_0360 Al-Rajaa Complex 2DSC_0389


  • In October 2015 Mercy Hands launched a medical campaign, in cooperation with IFMSA-Iraq, to provide preventive and primary medical and dental care to IDPs settling in tent compounds in Baghdad. The campaign was called “Help Them Smile” and the campaign team was made of junior physicians and dentists. A mobile clinic was set up to provide the following services: vital signs and physical exam check, dental exam, counseling, and counseling on management of chronic diseases. The rest of the health team visited the families and gave them brochures and demonstrated to them the steps of first aids in case of emergencies and also educated them on how to prevent Cholera. At the end of the campaign, our health team distributed toys to all the children in the camp while encouraging them to stay healthy.














  • In 2014, Dr. Khaldoon Al-Moosawi, the Founder and President of Mercy Hands, founded the Iraqi Telemedicine Center (ITC). The goal of the center is to improve access to healthcare in Iraq by utilizing the Internet and other telecommunication technologies. All the services provided by the center are free and are available to all people in need regardless of their location, religion, sect, race, gender, or any other personal characteristics. To know more about the Iraqi Telemedicine Center, please go to

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