Iraqi Telemedicine Center

Iraqi Telemedicine Center was established in 2014 by Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid, a leading Iraqi nonprofit. The goal of the center is to improve access to healthcare in Iraq by utilizing the Internet and other telecommunication technologies.

The idea of establishing the center came as a result to the reality of healthcare sector and the humanitarian crises in Iraq and the whole region. The main problems the healthcare sector in Iraq suffers from are: 1) Shortage in healthcare personnel and medical specialties; 2) Poor healthcare infrastructure; 3) Difficulties to access physicians, clinics, and hospitals either due to long distance, security concerns, lack of transportation means, or time constraint; 4) The high cost of healthcare services and limited purchase power of the patients; and 5) In times of humanitarian crises, the aforementioned problems worsen because of the impact of disasters on healthcare system and usually inefficient response of healthcare authorities.

The members of the Iraqi Telemedicine Center are healthcare personnel (physicians, dentists, pharmacists, psychologists, etc) that are credentialed or licensed to practice in Iraq. They all work for the center voluntarily and free of charge. All the services provided by the center are free and are available to all people in need regardless of their location, religion, sect, race, gender, or any other personal characteristics.

Mercy Hands for Humanitarian Aid self-funded the establishment of the Iraqi Telemedicine Center, without any contribution from an external party. The Iraqi Telemedicine Center is not affiliated with any religious or political party or any organization with suspicious agenda.

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